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How to prepare for RPB’s ACH provider switch coming May 15!

Beginning on May 15, 2023, RPB will be switching to a new ACH payment provider, Dwolla, Inc. While this change won't affect how organizations make payments to RPB, there are a few important things employers need to know to prepare.

  • First, if your organization uses ACH debit blocking at your bank, you must update your bank's system with the new debit vendor ID number before May 15. Here is the new ID:

    Vendor ID
  • Second, there will be a blackout period from Wednesday, May 10 to Friday, May 12. During this time:
    • No ACH payments will be processed.

    • Payments and Manage Bank Account screens in MyRPB for Employers will be temporarily unavailable.

    • Payments that clear during the blackout will be invested without disruption.

    • Payments scheduled to run from May 10 - 12 will be automatically changed to run on May 15.

  • Finally, your existing bank account information will be transferred from RPB's old ACH provider to Dwolla.

    If you add a new bank account in the future, it will need to be electronically verified before you can make payments. The verification process may take a few business days. This means you can no longer make payments on the same day that you add a new bank account in the employer portal.

On Monday, May 15, you will be able to schedule payments and make payment changes through the MyRPB for Employers portal in the same way you do now.

Questions? Please contact:

Robert Perry
Director of Participant and Employer Services,

(646) 884-9890

Chase Bouchie

Employee Account Associate
(646) 884-9897

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